Entry 21 – Emily Ehlen

Art Statement

I found out about art and drawing at a very young age, during my elementary years. My elementary school art teacher, Ms. Bliss, had always been very encouraging and supporting. She opened up, what seemed to me at the time, another colorful world where my imagination could soar onto sheets of paper. When I was little I had a fear of the future but since then art has always been on my mind, to be an artist has always been what I wanted to be. My first success was when I won a Farm Store coloring contest at the age of five, it may seem small and trivial to some, but the smallest things became encouragement for me. Art has influenced who I am today, and it gave me a purpose to create and pursue. It is always a positive light I can stand under so others can see who I am and what I can express. I developed this projection of myself in the future as an artist.My motivation for drawing is to see how my art mirrors my development as a person.

Throughout high school I have been given many great experiences from art and drawing. In my freshmen year, I got to create and design a Halloween costume. It was a bit harder than I imagined but once everyone finished we paraded down the school hallways in them. During my junior year, there was a huge art magnet project, we painted a mural in Wynwood, Miami. Its title was Blue Black Bad Beautiful, and there it was a lot of work but I enjoyed every bit of it. Furthermore, I’ve had some art pieces printed into the 2015 and 2016 Elysium, Coral Reef’s literary and art magazine. I also built portfolios and applied to Young Arts and Scholastics. So far in my senior year, there was a magnet fair I participated in to set an example for incoming freshmen. I worked on my artwork and talked to the students and parents, it was fun answering questions and giving advice. There was even a time when the senior class dressed up as our art teacher, Mr. Mckinley.

The visual focus of my drawings are loose tones in the background contrasting the tight line detailing and form of the composition. My drawing process starts with laying down color ink wash on the paper to create the ground, followed by black spray paint to give tonality. To create the negative spaces, I use rocks, leaves, and tiny branches as stencils. I may use another layer of color spray paint to add an additional tone and dimension. Afterwards, I use ink to finely draw the composition. I sometimes work back into the drawing, painting with ink to establish a balance of light and dark, as well as open and detailed space. I decided to use a framing technique so that the drawings had depth. I constantly look for new ways to have the composition stand out, like using gouache for some of the forms and/or changing the space with the framing technique. I chose to draw trees because they represent growth. I don't have a clear idea on what I exactly want to do for a career as an artist but I’ll keep looking for a higher purpose in that direction. I really want to find my role as an artist.

Entry 19 – Hannah Banciella


An onlooker may only glance at something, but to stop time one must fully immerse herself into an experience. In my pieces, I seek to halt the viewer’s sensibility of time with the common misconception of beauty. When looking at each piece, the viewer will look at the woman in large overwhelming scale, taking time to see each of her features in detail. The combination of size and intricacy encourage people to pause and contemplate what they’re viewing, fixing that moment as their own individual introspective encounter. With my work I aspire to encourage people to realize life’s encounters on a more intimate level. I want to portray the importance of stepping back and appreciating life’s beauty.

Entry 18 – Jenna Agres

Artist statement:

My voice as an artist thoroughly developed alongside my passion for design. My observations and inspirations from the surroundings of Miami are evident in my work through the use of patterns and bright pinks, greens, yellows, and blues. I use handwritten typography for its intimate yet lighthearted nature to communicate playfulness and spontaneity. Through my work, I aim to produce relevant, functional, and enjoyable design to coexist in lives of all different types of people.