2019 Amanda Blanca, Design and Architecture Senior High.

2019 Ashley Castaneda, Robert Morgan Educational Center.


  • Carlos Malamud
    Miami Prize Founder

2018 Lazaro Garcia, New World School of the Arts.


  • Derrick R. Cartwright, Ph.D
    Associate Professor of Art, Architecture and Art History
    Director, University Galleries, University of San Diego
  • Keren Goldberg
    Completing her Ph.D in Art History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
    Writer and Art Critic in Art Review, Frieze, Mousse and other art Websites
  • Ricardo Mor
    Exhibitions and Operations Manager
    Locust Projects, Miami

2017 Bleu Cremers, New World School of the Arts.


  • Fernando De la Torre, Director, Instituto Cultural de Mexico, Miami
  • María Elena Ortiz, Curator, Pérez Art Museum Miami
  • Third curator could not send the results, because of a personal issue.

2016 David Baptiste, DASH


  • Othon Castañeda, Founder and Executive Director, Bienal de la Frontera, Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • Amy Galpin, Ph. D, Curator, Cornell Museum of Fine Art, Winter Park, Florida
  • Rene Morales, Curator, Perez Art Museum Miami
    Miami, Florida